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The old man and the crow

So I know theres a point where the crow turns into a greater demon of Tzeentch and you have to fight it. When does this happen? Is it a scripted event or randpm chance?
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Applauding CA

Let’s give CA a round of fucking applause vampire coast amazing Fellheart amazing Kemmler moving to the mountains amazing along with more vamp bloodlines at this point just tell me I can play the red duke as well so well done CA well done
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Kemmler new start position.

Kemmler now starts in the grey mountains near brettonia.
A good change!
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Kraken lord confirmed

Lokhir Fellheart confirmed.
Can’t wait to see how a black arc faction will work.
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Fall From Grace Story Thread.

The story thread is now open and the RP begins!
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So who is your favorite god and why
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Who would win?

In a fight between Abhorash, Gilles le Breton (the Green Knight) and Aenerion? Well for fair play Aenerion won't use Widowmaker... tell me what you think.
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Knights of Taal

Are there any military orders of taal?
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Fall From Grace RP Discussion

Welcome to Fall From Grace, a new RP on this wiki. The year is 1131 IC, seven years after the end of the Black Plague and Skaven Uprising. The Empire of Man has recovered and is prospering after the defeat of the Necromancer Vanhal and the Skaven

And so the RPG begins. You will write your character's story as they try to survive the long, hard climb to glory and a shot at apotheosis. Are you a Khornate Berzerker, hoping to spill enough blood to get Khorne to notice you? Are you a Tzeentchian powermonger, hoping to make schemes so convoluted that Tzzentch notices? Are you a Nurgleite devotee, dedicated to entropy and decay? Or are you a Slaaneshi deviant, trying to draw the attentions of the Dark Prince? The choice is yours.

This is just a register post, there will be a separate story post that will be posted once I think we have enough people. You can register after this though. Once the story topic is active, this will become a discussion topic to message other users.

This obviously takes place after the Black Plague, in the winter of the year 1131 IC in the Old World, which includes Tilea, Estalia, Bretonnia, Kislev, the Empire of Man and the Border Princes. Your character can be from anywhere in these regions, it doesn’t matter as the religious and secular authorities know what you are up to and are after you! Your only hope is to make to Norsca, that cold, bleak land and by extension the Chaos Wastes and to try to achieve Daemon Princedom. Do whatever you want them do (within reason). I'd recommend reading up on some of the relavent history around the time if you're unsure on anything. The Imperials dominate the Empire, the Brettonians live in Brettonia fight against Orc Warbands that still linger. Tilea and Estalia are the mercenaries heaven. Border Princes is still mainly dominated by wild Orcs and Goblins while the Province of Lichtenburg struggles.

The Empire of Man is led by Mandred Skavenslayer and the surviving Elector Counts.
The Royarch of Brettonia is Guillaume, which the Chanson of Guillame will be made about some day.
Tilea, Estalia and the Border Prices have no central leader.

How to register
All you have to do is post details of your character in the comments section of this post. You need to include:
1) Name
3)Nationality, say where your character lives/was born.
5)Age, doesn't need to be specific

These won't be too strict but need to be in place to make things fair.
1)I am sole admin unless I nominate someone else to be co-admin. I/We will resolve disputes and alert you if you break the rules
2)Don't be too OP. Try to be realistic with your character
3)Don't use other people's characters without their permission, if you mention another character, write their name in caps
4)Time passes twice as fast so one day real time is two days in the RPG
5)Don't double post unless there has been a two day real time gap since your last post
6)You do have to post at least once a week or give a reason for your absence.
7)Joining this is a serious thing, if you stop posting for a week with no reason given or give reasons why you aren’t posting too many times, your character will be murdered/turned into a Chaos Spawn, with no explanation given.
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If you were visited by Wulfrik the Wanderer

If you were personally visited by Wulfrik the Wanderer, what would be the personal insult/challenge that he would say to you to make you angry enough to attack him without hesitation?

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Warhammer Fantasy Lore: Orcs and Goblins - Total War: Warhammer 2
Warhammer Fantasy Lore: Orcs and Goblins - Total War: Warhammer 2 YouTube
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Vampire Coast Rite Spec

So they confirmed one thats similar to rite of sotek, but there still has to be 3 more, thoughts? Personally i expect one that benefits their monssters
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Btw if you notice he mentioned people talking about skretch...its mainly me....
VAMPIRE COAST DLC Last Lord Revealed! - Cylostra Direfin and Campaign Starting Locations
VAMPIRE COAST DLC Last Lord Revealed! - Cylostra Direfin and Campaign Starting Locations YouTube
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OK I gotta be hones, who the fuck is he? (Check tweet)

Confira o Tweet de @totalwar:
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Home of the gods

Does the human gods like ulric, taal, ursun, the lady of the lake etc. Have a home like mount olympus or valhalla or somewhere they hang out like the chaos gods in thier realms?
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If you don't like miss saltspite you'll be salty

Confira o Tweet de @totalwar:
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Aranessa Saltspite is one of the most respected and feared pirate captains of Sartosa. Now, many a corpse washes up against the hull and the Vampire first mates breathe unlife into them, creating a vast rabble of loyal crew.

As part of the living realm rather than the undead, Aranessa commands a human pirate crew known as the Sartosa Free Company, otherwise reluctantly sharing control of the denizens of the Vampire Coast.

Total War on Twitter
Total War on Twitter Twitter
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Noctilus's here lads!!! Yaaaarrrr

Confira o (check out) Tweet de @totalwar:
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Do the Snakemen of Khuresh have a lore, even fan-made ?

Or do we only have hints of their existence ?

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