"What should we do? Give them all a test to see who needs a pilot? Who would administer it? Who would enforce it? And who would compensate our members for the lost income? It's a complex problem and demands thought. Let's not make any rash decisions."
—Albert Loodemans, Guildmaster of the Brotherhood of Seamen and Pilots[1a]
Albert Loodemans

Albert Loodemans

Albert is calm, reasonable, thoughtful and a devout worshipper of common sense. He wants to avoid trouble with the Rivermen, and tries to stay on good terms with Axel Huurder, though with limited success. He has earned the trust of most in Suiddock through his scrupulous honesty and unfailing diplomacy.[1a]

lbert has frequent dealings with the Lord Harbour-master, Odvaal van den Huister, and high officials of most of the Merchant Houses. He cultivates the goodwill of Speaker Gyngrijk, knowing that the man's influence in the Stadsraat could be crucial in preventing any repeal or weakening of the Piloting Laws.[1a]

Unbeknownst to any in the guild, though, Albert is a member of the Brotherhood of Purity, the outer front for the secretive Knights of Purity. Albert thinks it is merely a Goudberg drinking club, a place where he can relax and let loose his true feelings about all the non-human and foreign trash dirtying Marienburg's streets. Fooling himself, he turns a blind eye to any hints he sees of the organization's vigilante work.[1a]


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