Albrecht Helseher

Albrecht Helsher, High Magister of the Guild

Helseher is a Lord Magister of the Golden Order. He is the administrator of the Guild, and he is who Magisters of the two Colleges, the Golden Order and the Celestial Order, come to for a room or if they wish to use the facilities of the Guild. Helseher appears to be in his early sixties, and his skin seems to have taken on a slightly metallic sheen in certain lights. He is slightly above average in height, gaunt, and simple in appearance. He has a long mane of black hair, greying slightly at the temples, and he has piercing eyes of a startlingly vivid blue. His eyes and his long, delicate-but-strong fingers are the two things people remember after meeting him. Helseher dresses with a lack of vanity that verges on carelessness; when not dressed in the leather overalls and apron of the laboratory, he favours free-flowing garments in black or grey, which allow him maximum freedom of movement.[1a]

Helseher is more concerned with his alchemical studies than anything else, and he rarely leaves his apartments and offices in the Guildhouse. Consequently, he is little seen by the public who regard him as a mysterious figure to be feared.[1a]


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