A pair, each All-Seeing Mirror reflects the image normally seen in its opposite. Over land, there is no limit to the range, but 500 or more miles of water prevents the mirrors from operating.[1a]


The All-Seeing Mirrors are ancient artefacts that trace their origins to a time long before the twelve tribes of savage humans crossed the Black Fire Pass. Constructed by an Elf Wizard, Sotheles, the Black Prince seduced him and drove him insane. His mind filled with dark fantasies, he suspected his wife of infidelity, for surely, he could not be alone with the perverse thoughts worming through his mind. And so, using Dark Magic, he infused two precious mirrors with the energies of Chaos so each would reveal what the other should reflect. Once finished, he gave his innocent wife one as a gift, keeping the other for himself, not realizing the mirrors worked both ways. Soon after, his brethren, clued into Sotheles’ corruption through his wife’s mirror, destroyed him, and hid the mirrors away for all time.[1a][1b]


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