Prince Althran Stormrider comes from a proud and noble family, one that can trace its ancestry back thousands of years to the first of the High Elf Phoenix Kings. Since that time Prince Althran's ancestors have led High Elf armies all around the Warhammer World, earning great glory and renown. Althran Stormrider is determined to carry on this grand tradition, and he will stop at nothing to protect his people and the domains of Ulthuan from the ravages of lesser, more primitive races.[1a]

Like all High Elves, Althran is incredibly skilled in the art of combat. The magical Armour of Fortune he wears is an ancient family heirloom, and so beautifully crafted that his freedom of movement is completely unimpaired. Prince Stormrider takes to battle astride the noble Griffon, Sharpclaw. Althran fights his enemies with a silver-steel tipped lance in one hand, while the other hand directs Sharpclaw to swoop upon his chosen foe and cut them down with talons and beak.[1a]


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