It is not clear from where the Amulet of the Horned One came. Some claim it is a gift from the Horned One himself, and its history supports this view. It is said that the Amulet first appeared around the neck of the dreaded Scrench, a Seer Lord of no small skill. For as long as he wore it, he could survive the worst treacheries, recovering from knife wounds, spells, and even poisoning. One day, though, when confronted by a group of his students, he prepared to destroy them all when the Amulet vanished from around his neck. Fearing he had lost the favour of the Horned Rat, he tried to flee but fell to the wicked knives of his former apprentices. Since Scrench’s death, the Amulet of the Horned One has changed hands many times, and most recently hangs from the neck of the infamous Grey Seer Thanquol himself.[1a][1b]


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