The Angry Fist Tribe is an advanced Ogre tribe that lives on the western valleys of the Mountains of Mourn, between the River Ruin and the Fire Mouth volcano.[2a]


When two Empire explorers stumbled across the Angry Fist tribe, they made history. Having displayed a hitherto unseen mastery of fire, considerable culinary prowess and strange flat stones that showed perfect reflections - all before dinnertime - they managed to convince their captors they were of more use alive than spitted and eaten (although the Ogres reasoned they only needed one, and roasted the other). The survivor, Rueben Kyte, went on to make highly valuable tinderboxes for the Ogres of the Angry Fist and eventually became their Firemaster - the closest a human could ever get to Tyrant. Kyte's memoirs make for illuminating reading, and the once-barbaric Angry Fist tribe is now one of the most culturally and technologically advanced of the Ogre Kingdoms, with everything from working kilns to modern toilet rooms (and the appropiate Gnoblars) at their disposal.[1b]

This tribe is rumoured to have devoured the notoriously untrustworthy Marienburger trader Yohan the Honest and his entourage when he tried to cheat them.[1a]


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