Apprentice Grey Seer

Apprentice Grey Seer

Apprentice Grey Seers are the young pupils and students of the Priesthood of the Horned Rat. Every once in a great while, a Ratman is born with small nubs on its brow and white or grey fur. Separated from the rest of the litter, this mewling horror’s course is set. Ahead lay a life filled with brutal training, but also one of excess and comfort. These rare Skaven are living symbols of the Great Rat’s favour, manifest as the ability to master the magic of the Warp.[1a]

As the grow and develop their talents, these Skaven owe no allegiance to any particular Clan, but rather serve as advisors to, or more often as outright masters of, the lesser members of their kind. Commanding through fear, they make examples of treacherous thoughts and acts by destroying the guilty in the most excruciating ways.[1a]

While clearly blessed with power, an Apprentice Grey Seer has no guarantee of survival. Established Grey Seers look for any excuse to destroy these upstarts, killing them with the slightest provocation. As a result, Apprentice Grey Seers break with their masters as early as they can, teaching themselves what else they must to survive until they can prove themselves as capable as their masters.[1a]


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