Arek Daemonclaw was a Champion of Tzeentch, Lord of Change

Arek Daemonclaw is a mighty Champion of Tzeentch who had in recent times united a large army of Chaos Warriors and went south to sack the Kislevite city of Praag. In his former life, Arek was originally a noblemen who became disillusioned with the Empire and slowly turned to the worship of Chaos, seeking out various forbidden tomes and gaining knowledge by infiltrating cults dedicated to Tzeentch. After journeying to the Chaos Wastes he finally pledged himself to Tzeentch and over the next century was granted many gifts for his dedication to the Changer of Ways. After meeting the mages Kelmain Blackstaff and Lhoigor Goldenrod he rose to power in the Wastes, gathering an army of hundreds of thousands before marching on Kislev. However, Arek Daemonclaw was slain at the Battle of Praag by Gotrek Gurnisson.


Arek was a former noblemen of the Empire but has recently fought his way to the Chaos Wastes where he gained glory, honour and plunder, but most importantly more followers. As the Storm of Chaos neared, Arek, realizing that his massive army, which Gotrek and Felix saw when they came out of the Chaos Wastes in their Dwarven Airship Spirit of Grungni. They saw a massive sea of Chaos Warriors all converging into the great area known as High Pass and pouring into Kislev like a massive flood. Arek knew that this massive army will not hold together for the coming storm, and will soon disperse into infighting if their battle lust isn't quenched. So against the advice of both of his most favoured advisors and tacticians, Kelmain Blackstaff and Lhoigor Goldenrod, he launched his massive army at the Gates of Praag hoping to capture the city before the great winter of Kislev approached.

However, due to his arrogance, the twin mages had forseen the future of the outcome of this invasion, and had warned the great Warlord about Gotrek. However he launched his attacked, and even though he breached the first great wall, and nearly killing Gotrek with his artillery, they both went face to face in the chaos on the streets, as many warriors fight each other around the duel. However, Gotrek stood ultimatly victorious, and cleaved the head of the Great Warlord and showed it to the invading army, who fled in utter panic, as they realized that thier invincible leader is dead. News also reached that a massive Kislev army numbering thousands of horsemen descended on the armies line of retreat and a massive slaughter commence. The twin mages' prophecy was correct, and both fled the battle long before they army breached the first wall. 


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