Aquitaine Total War

Heraldry of Armand d'Aquitaine

Armand is the current Duke of Aquitaine, Bretonnia. He was a younger brother of the last Duke of Aquitaine and never expected to inherit. As a Knight Errant, he was famed for both his recklessness and his luck, and he refused all offers of a fief until King Louen Leoncoeur himself offered him a place in the royal household. Again, Armand distinguished himself with feats of valour, most notably slaying the Bestigor Darmal the Crooked in single combat. Many expected him to be given a barony and probably appointed Marquis.[1a]

Instead, after only two years, he set off to seek the Grail. He quested in disguise and has not spoken of his activities since his return. A few minstrels are trying to piece his movements together, but he is not the only Questing Knight to hide his identity. On his return as a Grail Knight, he was made the Standard Bearer of Bretonnia. The position suited him perfectly. Armand d'Aquitaine won the honour of bearing this holy and venerable banner by beating all other contending Knights in the great Tournament of Couronne. He guarded the banner night and day within the Grail Chapel of Couronne, using only his shield as a pillow.[1a][2b]

Three years ago, the Duke of Aquitaine died, and by royal command, Armand was declared heir to the position. He is still finding his feet as an administrator; he has a strong desire to solve problems personally and martially.[1a]

Magic Items Edit

  • Banner of the Lady of the Lake: This is the very same sacred banner carried by Gilles le Breton. It was blessed by the Lady of the Lake herself and bears her image. Under this banner, Gilles le Breton united Bretonnia and rode to victory in every battle.[2b]

Source Edit

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