Armour of Caledor

Imrik in the Armour of Caledor

The Armour of Caledor is not a single unit. Rather, it is an amalgam of components gathered across the millennia. Every piece of the Armour of Caledor has been taken from the recovered fragments of now-lost armour that was once worn by a mighty Caledorian hero. The gorget, for example, was worn by Caledor the Conqueror during the War of Blood Gorge, whilst the left vambrace belonged to Maldrik Foresworn, Saviour of the Silver Isles. The chestplate still bears the scars earned when it preserved Alkar Dragonhelm from the poisoned daggers of the Khainite Assassin Master, Halkir Venomheart. There are many more such tales, for each scale and plate has earned its place in Elven history many times over. When a noble of Caledor dons this armour, his resolve and fortune are redoubled. Some say this is merely a noble heart rising to the challenge of his forebears, but others claim it is nothing less than the power of the ancestors themselves flowing through him.[1a]

Source Edit

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    • 1a: pg. 63

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