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Astragoth 4th Edition Miniature

4th Edition miniature.

Astragoth Ironhand, High Priest of Hashut, is the oldest living Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer-Prophet. When he was at the height of his powers he was the most potent sorcerer to walk the Plain of Zharrduk in a thousand years. Now his powers have begun to wane. His body is slowly succumbing to petrification. A decade ago he constructed a mechanical device by which he is transported from place to place. His legs have long ceased to work and even his hands have now turned to stone. To an extent these have been replaced by the machinery grafted to his body. This engine was constructed by his slaves to plans created by Astragoth himself, and combines the undoubted skills of the Chaos Dwarf race with twisted dark science.

Centuries ago, he was responsible for the internal exile of Drazhoath the Ashen to the Black Fortress, when he was just a minor Daemonsmith.


Lord Astragoth is encased within a machine that enables him to walk and powers his petrified limbs, besides giving him additional protection from attacks. Its steam-driven pistons, which have replaced Astragoth's muscles and sinews, allow him to strike his enemies with mechanical force. As a Sorcerer-Prophet, he can carry up to four magical items.


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