Asuryan is the ruler of the Elven Pantheon and the husband of the goddess Lileath. He is considered the Creator and Justicar by the Elves and leader of the Cadai. Atop a great pyramid in the highest heaven, Asuryan watches over the world alone and has never been seen by mortals. As such, his depictions on Ulthuan are always masked.


His symbol is the flaming Phoenix, the Eye of Asuryan,[1a] or a stylized pyramid engulfed in holy fire.


High Elven Rune for Asuryan



Shrine of Asuryan.

Asuryan's principal shrine rests upon the Isle of the Flame, in the Sea of Dreams. The structure itself is an ancient pyramid in which the eternal flame of the phoenix burns. There, the Princes of Ulthuan meet to elect the next Phoenix King, who must pass through Asuryan's fire for judgement by the Elven God. The shrine is guarded by the silent Phoenix Guard.


As protector of the Twin Thrones of Ulthuan, the High Elves revere Asuryan the most, perceiving themselves as his chosen people. They believe that Asuryan has a plan for them, and that he'll never abandon them.

Each candidate to become Phoenix King, once chosen by his fellow princes, must pass through the Flame of Asuryan. If he is worthy, the flame will not harm him, and the new Phoenix King becomes an avatar of Asuryan in the mortal world. If unworthy (as in the case of Malekith, the Witch King), the flames will burn the interloper. Although it has been shown that each Phoenix King has been protected from the flames.


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