Warhammer Avelorn

Banner of Avelorn

The Kingdom of Avelorn is the oldest of all the Elven realms. Ancient glamours lie upon its tangled groves, and creatures of legend still walk beneath its eaves. Yet Avelorn's glories are maintained only by the constant watchfulness of the rangers that guard its borders, for the monsters of the Annulii Mountains are drawn to this realm as to no other; scarcely a day passes without an attack by some dread creature. Avelorn is ruled by the Everqueen, the chosen of the Earth Mother, mistress of the undying forest, preserver of green fastness, observer of the rites of the golden spring, monarch of one of the Twin Thrones of Ulthuan.[1a]

As such, she holds tremendous power and prestige — her only real peer is the Phoenix King himself. Often, there is rivalry between the two Thrones, but this balance is at the very heart of the High Elves' concepts of hierarchy — being ruled by a single all-powerful dictator would be unthinkable to them. The court of the Everqueen moves through Avelorn from place to place like a great carnival, pitching silken pavilions wherever it halts. By day, silver laughter rings through the forest as the Elves make sport. By night, faerie lights flicker in the darkness, illuminating the revels and feasting. With its perfect weather, bountiful forests and beautiful near-immortal inhabitants, Avelorn seems the sort of verdant paradise of which mortal men can only dream.[1a]

Locations of Note Edit


  • Concept art of Avelorn from Warhammer: Age of Reckoning

Source Edit

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