A Baalrûkh is a type of Greater Daemon, distinguished for its affinity for fire and fire-based magic. There are believed to be only six Baalrûkhs, and their names are closely-guarded secrets, for it is said that whoever knows the true name of a Baalrûkh can command it to do anything. Baalrûkhs, like most Greater Daemons, regard themselves as the nobility of the daemonic planes. Rivalry between them is intense, and each will claim to be the prince of all Baalrûkhs, or some other spurious title. A Baalrûkh may even claim to be a daemon prince or a god if no such entity can hear.[1a]

They are generally contemptuous of mortals who summon them, and will frequently try to destroy their summoner. Failing this, they will seek to pervert any orders they are given in order to cause as much destruction as possible. It is dangerous to threaten a Baalrûkh, and those who summon them and try to control them by force usually come ton an unpleasant end; Baalrûkhs may follow orders for a time, but will invariably seek some opportunity to take revenge. Baalrûkhs have long memories, and never forget an enemy. Those who trade with a Baalrûkh usually have greater success, provided the stakes are high enough – Baalrûkhs resent having their time wasted. Moreover, they have thousands of years' practice in the striking of bargains, and those that summon a Baalrûkh frequently find their orders being carried out to the letter, in a way which turns out disastrously for them.[1a]

Baalrûkhs have muscular humanoid bodies with massive goatlike legs and horned heads resembling a cross between a goat, a lion and a dragon. A pair of huge batlike wings grow from their backs, and they have a long, barbed snakelike tail. Fire shoots from their nostrils and mouths and their eyes glow like coals. They are often wreathed in flames. Baalrûkhs are large, always over 10 feet tall and often much bigger.[1a]


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