Balkrag Grimgorson

Balkrag Grimgorson, Tormented Daemonslayer

Not all of the Undead beneath Karak Azgal are evil. Some have returned from death and still desire to do what is right. Balkrag is one such soul. He gained fame in life in an ironic twist of fate. Wanting only to cover a personal shame and the release of death, he chose the Slayer’s path. He proved too tenacious a warrior to go quietly and his skills in battle grew until he was almost without peer. An attack by Chaos Dwarfs on Karak Azgal brought him face-to-face with a Daemon. He slew the creature, thwarting the attack, but lost his own life in the process. As a reward for his brave deeds, he was buried in the Hall of Heroes and his name became legendary.[1a]

His rest, though, would not remain undisturbed. Koros the Liche summoned Balkrag’s spirit back from death, imprisoning it in the Dwarf's remains. Though he was powerless to stop his return, he was too strong of spirit to allow the necromancer to control him. He escaped from the Hall of Bones, vowing to destroy the Liche before again returning to the sleep of death. The Daemonslayer wanders the ruins of Karak Azgal now, trying to find the help he needs to defeat the Liche.[1a]

His condition as a Wight has obviously made this difficult. He is four feet tall, wields a two-handed axe, and wears no armour. He appears to be a skeleton, but his face is gruesome to behold, with rotting flesh still clinging to his skull and his orange spiked hair rising from the top of his head. Still, he sees this as only a minor inconvenience, believing fully that the Dwarf gods will send him help to vanquish his sworn foe.[1a]


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