The Battle of the Umbral Tide was a fight between the Lizardmen and the Dark Elves that took place in the Black Way in 2512 IC.


In 2512 IC, a Dark Elf army emerged from the Black Way to raid coastal ruins. Kroq-Gar and his army drove their tentacled beasts back into the sea and then surprised the raiding army aboard the Umbral Tide, a notorious Black Ark of the Naggaroth fleet, as it retreated through the Black Way.

Beached by powerful spells, the city-sized ship was swarmed over by Skinks, Kroxigor and Salamander Hunting Packs that rose out of the water to clamber aboard. Although the ship’s many towers launched flights of quarrels, the flame-spouts of the Salamanders soon silenced them, save for the cries of the hopelessly burned. Not a single Dark Elf survived and the ship’s massive hull remains, sticking out of the mudbanks, as a skeletal reminder of the fate of those who dare enter Lustria.


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