The Old World is a dangerous and terrible place. An adventurer spends most of his life constantly fighting and killing, encountering sights so disturbing they can drive someone mad. For someone with the Beast Within, the brutality of his life has poisoned his mind into believing that concepts such as love, friendship, truth, and authority are meaningless, that people are irrelevant, and the only thing that matters is his own immediate personal gratification.[1a]

Someone with the Beast Within is also incapable of feeling guilt, ignores the consequences of his actions, and has a reckless disregard for his safety and the safety of others. He is easily bored and has a low tolerance for frustration. Finally, he becomes a masterful, malevolent liar, and use deceit for both profit and pleasure.[1a]

In short, he will lie, cheat, steal, torture and murder to get what he wants. The cruel, depraved behaviour this disorder brings about is considered unacceptable by society and the law, and most probably by the other members of the individual’s adventuring party as well.[1a]

The afflicted person is sure to become a criminal at some point, double-cross or steal from the wrong person, or kill someone with vengeful allies. He’ll probably spend the rest of his life being hunted down by individuals and organisations looking for justice or payback. If he’s caught, he could face imprisonment, the hangman’s noose or a thousand other gruesome deaths.[1a]


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