This large gemstone, seemingly an amethyst, sits in a gilt frame of platinum and sparkles in the light. Carved in its setting are images of Daemonic women seducing mortal men. When held in the hand, worn about the neck, or pinned to the wearer’s garb, this gemstone pulses with a pinkish hue.[1a]


It’s believed the Beguiling Gem is not a gemstone at all, but rather it is the only tear Slaanesh ever shed, crystallised by the Dark God’s madness. The Beguiling Gem has changed hands many times, though the most notable occasion was when it came into the possession of Lady Alexa Rudenhoff of Nuln. For the brief time she wore it, she was said to be the most splendid creature in all the city, and also the maddest. Two weeks was all the time that she held it. She was founded naked out front of a disreputable tavern in the Shantytown. The Watchmen reported her cause of death unknown, but the few reports there were claim she was covered in hundreds of terrible bite marks.[1a]


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