Vital statistics
Inhabitants Humans
Type Small Town
Location Old World, Empire of Man, Talabecland
Population 750
Allegiance Count Josef von Behring
Industry Fishing, Agriculture

Chief town of the province ruled by Count Josef von Behring, Bek is normally a quiet trading town that exports lumber from the Great Forest and dried fish, and collects tolls for the use of its quays. Since the war began, the town and surrounding area has been flooded with over a thousand refugees from Ostland, so many that they outnumber the townsfolk themselves. This has greatly strained resources and fights between locals and refugees are common and increasing in size.[1a]

Count von Behring was an early supporter of Elector Count Feuerbach’s coup after the death of Feuerbach in battle, and now he expects help in return. Feuerbach has sent a troop of his personal guard to Bek to maintain order, but rumours say that there will soon be a larger force arriving with instructions to invade Ostland “to restore order and allow the refugees to return home.” Order under whose rule is the open question.[1a][1b]

Source Edit

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