The Bergo Academy is a prestigious military school found in the Empire.

In a spectacular cliff-top location overlooking the Reik along the road to Nuln is the military school of Maestro Clemente di Bergo. The tall, single tower is reachable only by a narrow rope bridge; the place seems to be ideally defensible. Bergo came to the Empire some thirty-odd years ago and his history is shrouded in controversy. Some say he killed the Duke of Luccini’s son in a duel; some say he was run out of Tilea because of heresies against the Cult of Myrmidia.[1a]

In short order, Bergo has become one of the most respected proponents of what he calls the Martial Art of Warfare in the Empire. He runs his school based on fundamental Myrmidian principles, and the place is highly prized by the upper echelons of Imperial nobility as a prestigious place to send one’s offspring for unsurpassed polish on a young noble’s education.[1a]

Several assassins have travelled from Tilea to the academy to end Bergo’s life, but none have succeeded, so far.[1a]

Source Edit

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