This set of dark chains and black leather straps fitted with hooks and sharp blades is every bit as sinister as it looks. To use it, the wearer must fit the loops over his body as if he were wearing a harness. As soon as they are properly placed, the chains and straps tighten, burrowing painfully into the flesh. The hooks and razors ensure that the wounds remain open for all to see.[1a]


The Bindings of Slaanesh were first encountered in the Great War Against Chaos. Though the first encounter dates some 200 years ago, the reports were very detailed. Worn by a Mutant who was the essence of beauty, she strode naked through the battlefield wearing only the Bindings and wielding a jagged sword. She seemed to become thrilled by her injuries, and those she inflicted. She would rush up to a soldier, and the hooks and barbs would lash out from her skin and hold her enemies in place while she carved them up. She was finally brought down by a squad of archers who peppered her with scores of arrows. Even as black blood seeped from innumerable wounds, she writhed with pleasure.[1a][1b]


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