Black Fire Pass map

Map of the Black Fire Pass.

Where the Black Mountains and the Worlds Edge Mountains meet there lies Black Fire Pass, a snow-covered upland valley that remains the only reliable pass between the Empire and the lands to the south.[1a][2a][3a][4a][5a][6][7a][8a][9][10][11]

History Edit

First Battle of Black Fire Pass Edit


Sigmar at the First Battle of Black Fire Pass.

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Black Fire Pass has long been a site of great strategic importance, since the Old Dwarf Road runs through the pass to Karaz-a-Karak, linking the Empire to the kingdoms of the Dwarfs. Many great battles have been fought at Black Fire Pass against the enemies of the Empire, the first and greatest of which saw Sigmar Heldenhammer lead an army of men and Dwarfs to crush a massive Greenskin horde and brought about the birth of the Empire. Ever since that time, Imperial citizens have settled in Black Fire Pass, and the site of the ancient battle where Sigmar fought is an important place of pilgrimage.[9][10][11]

It is also an important site for the Dwarfs because following the First Battle of Black Fire Pass, High King Kurgan Ironbeard swore an oath to the Empire that he and the Dwarfs would guard the road and keep the pass open. Black Fire Pass is also near the location of Bugman's Brewery, the most venerated Dwarven drinking establishment in the Old World. The pass is important for the Bloody Sun Boyz because it will allow them to link up with Orc and Goblin tribes from all across the Old World. Also, near the pass, a clan of rebellious Goblins have ignored Warlord Grumlok's summoning to Karak Eight Peaks, and have instead decided to wage war with the nearby Empire settlements.[9][10][11]

Third Battle of Black Fire Pass Edit

Third Battle of Black Fire Pass

The Third Battle of Black Fire Pass

Main article: Third Battle of Black Fire Pass

It was in 2519 IC that Marius Leitdorf warned the Emperor Karl Franz a new Greenskin Waaagh! was pouring out of Black Fire Pass and threatened to overrun the province of Averland. He responded personally to this call and went to face the horde before it was too late, culminating in what would be known as the Third Battle of Black Fire Pass. The Imperial army arrived just in time to block the entrance of Black Fire Pass from the onrushing hordes of Greenskin warriors.[4][5][6]


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