Blades of Honourable Demise

Blades of Honourable Demise

Karitamen learned to fight using the short sword, and he excelled at swordsmanship. Upon joining Amenemhetum’s army in the Borderlands, however, he discovered the khopesh. The young warrior instantly fell in love with the long, curving blades. He won a khopesh off a fellow soldier in a game of dice and soon mastered its use. While on patrol one day, he and his fellow soldiers were ambushed by Orcs. One of the other soldiers died in the first onslaught, and Karitamen grabbed up the fallen warrior’s khopesh in his free hand. Wielding both blades, he became a dervish of destruction, hacking his way through the row of ambushers and then attacking them again from behind. He struck again and again until the Orcs broke and fled. From that moment on, Karitamen wielded two khopeshes.[1a]

At first, Karitamen kept the two khopeshes he had used in the ambush, the one from the dice game and the one from his fallen friend. But as his fame spread, he traded those in for an actual matched pair. Later, upon becoming a general, Amenemhetum presented him with a beautiful pair of scarab-decorated khopeshes, and these became Karitamen’s signature weapons. His soldiers called the weapons the Blades of Honourable Demise because anyone touched by their edges usually died an honourable death in battle.[1a]

Both swords have gleaming bronze blades inlaid with blued copper in long blood grooves. The tips are hooked, and the edges are on the outside of the blade—khopesh could be sharpened on either side, depending on whether the wielder wanted to hack or slash. The short, circular guards are shaped like scarabs and enamelled in black, and a matching black onyx scarab protrudes from the wide, flat pommel. The handles are wood and wrapped in leather that has been dyed black. Both blades have elegant scabbards of sturdy leather stretched over bone frames and enamelled blue-black with silver and gold fittings and tiny black scarabs at the tip and by the opening.[1a][1b]

History Edit

Amenemhetum the Great had these khopesh forged by a master weaponsmith he had brought with him from Nehekhara. The weaponsmith, Menkhatul, was a distant cousin and was not only a weaponsmith but also a scholar and a minor sorcerer. He combined his interests to produce these blades, infusing them with magic, while crafting them with the finest materials and using the finest methods available. They were presented to Karitamen, along with their scabbards, during the ceremony of his promotion to general.[1b]


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