The life of an adventurer has its rewards, such as money, fame, and the satisfaction of defeating the foes of civilisation. But there is a downside. First, there is the constant threat of mutilation or death. Second, the growing knowledge that the forces of Chaos are everywhere, they are horrible to behold and chances are, they will ultimately succeed in destroying the world.[1a]

The anxiety created by this downside builds in a person suffering from Blasphemous Rage until it explodes in a wild, uncontrollable fit of wrath and violence. During the rage he yells blasphemous obscenities against the Gods while smashing things, and attacks people at random, even his own friends.[1a]

A person cannot force himself into a Blasphemous Rage and there are no benefits to being enraged in combat. In fact, the individual is so blinded by his overwhelming anger that his actions become erratic, careless and sloppy. Without his level head, he fights like a drunken maniac.[1a]

At some point, someone suffering from Blasphemous Rage may find himself on the wrong side of the law. Furthermore, he could be considered frightening and difficult to trust. And those who loudly slander the Gods or use their names in vain should be careful of who might be listening.[1a]


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