Blue horror

Blue Horrors are the unholy product of Tzeentch's Pink Horrors. When severely wounded or outright slain, a Pink Horror exhales a final lunatic cackle before rapidly decomposing into an ectoplasmic blob of gyrating magic, which swiftly alters colour and divides into two Blue Horrors — diminutive replicas of their parent Daemon.[1a]

Blue Horrors are sullen and malicious, like evil-tempered children, and sneer and grumble their way through a battle. Once spawned, they add a deeper whining note to the incessant chortling of the group as they attempt to grapple with enemies and squeeze the life from them, before inevitably wandering off in search of fresh entertainment.[1a] Alternatively, any given Horror might explode in a cloud of chromatic energy, causing anything nearby to mutate from the raw magic of Chaos.[2a]

Source Edit

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