"With lance and blade, we will strike down the cowardly enemy. We, the proud knights of Bretonnia, will ride them down. With faith in the Lady, we will be impervious to harm. We will be remembered always, our heroic deeds living beyond our years. For Bretonnia, and for the Lady, charge!"
—Bohemond Beastslayer[3a]
Bohemond Beastslayer Duke of Bastonne Bretonnia 5th Edition Black&White illustration

Bohemond Beastslayer, Duke of Bastonne.

Bohemond Beastslayer is the Duke of the vast domain of Bastonne in the heartland of Bretonnia. This dukedom is perhaps the oldest in the realm and the Duke is traditionally one of the King's most important nobles. Bohemond fulfilled the Grail Quest before succeeding to the dukedom, and the King himself requested him to accept the lordship of his ancestral lands rather than become a hermit knight in the grail chapel of Castle Bastonne. Nevertheless, he is still renowned for fighting monsters, to the point that he is known as “Beastslayer.” He is also famous for refusing to fight inferior opponents; even if they attack him, he merely stuns them so that he can turn his attention elsewhere. As his prowess has grown, the search for worthy foes has taken him to many places within Bretonnia and beyond.[2a]

Whilst Bohemond is a lineal descendant of Gilles le Breton, he is absolutely loyal to King Louen Leoncoeur and has no desire for the crown. Indeed, he delegates the whole business of administering his dukedom to his steward and justice to his justiciar. Alas, he is not a very good judge of character, and finds himself replacing these men with distressing frequency.[2a]

Bohemond's vast estates are almost entirely rural. His castle of Bastonne is located on a high, craggy rock overlooking the Forest of Châlons. From here Bohemond and his mighty retinue of knights wage constant war against the Orcs, Skaven and other vile creatures infesting the mountainous wilderness in the heart of Bretonnia.[1a]


  • 6th Edition.

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