Warhammer Bonegrinder Giant

The Bonegrinder, the Giant of Giants

Bonegrinder Giants are a very old and incredibly rare variant of the Giant Race. These days they're thought to have been completely vanished from the Old World, though there are a few, persistent rumors of a handful of Bretonnian mountain villages where Bonegrinders have eaten all the local knights and claimed the villages (and peasants) as their own. Bonegrinder Giants are at least twice the size of their lesser cousins, who themselves stand many times the height of a Man. Accordingly, a Bonegrinder Giant doesn't need to feel particularly malicious in order to wreak untold ruin — he simply needs to go for a gentle walk whose path inadvertently leads him across an army or town.[1a]

Whilst Bonegrinder Giants aren't necessarily evil, they are bullies of the first order — a situation perpetuated by the fact that they are bigger than anyone else and regularly feel obliged to "do a little bullying to show o' is boss". Though a Bonegrinder Giant's victims may not realize it through their wholly understandable haze of terror, the big galoot is really just trying to impress them with how big and strong he is. From the Bonegrinder's point of view, it's far more practical to intimidate "titchies" into scaring up a few dozen head of cattle and barrels of beer than it is to go searching for them himself. Alas, Bonegrinder Giants are so clumsy that they often misjudge the fine line between intimidation and dead-from-fright. At which point, with no food forthcoming, the Bonegrinder stomps off to fight a Dragon, just to raise his flagging spirits.[1a]


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