"There will be a ritual feast tomorrow night. Find a sacrifice and bring him here - you know what to do, you'vedone it enough times before. And no snacking!"
—Bonifatius Groenwoud[1a]
Bonifatius Groenewoud

Bonifatius Groenewoud

In his late forties, "Boni" Groenewoud is a heavy-set barrel-chested man with thinning brown hair, a ruddy complexion, and twinkling eyes that speak of someone who loves his work and loves to chat with customers. His hands are thick and his fingers resemble small sausages, but they're surprisingly deft when he's handling a carving knife - or a garrote during ceremonies.[1a]

Outwardly a model citizen, Groenewoud is an insane cultist who seeks to spread his murderous master's worship by creating a nest of a ghouls in Marienburg. By feeding Human (and more rarely Elf, Dwarf and Halfling) meat to his unsuspecting clients, Bonifatius hopes to spontaneously trigger some innate tendency towards ghoulishness in Humans. He has had some success, and over the last few years has created perhaps a half-dozen ghouls, who now reside in Marienburg's ancient underworld, regarding Groenewoud as their leader. It also appeals to his sense of humour to occasionally slip such meat to the high and mighty.[1a][1b]

Boni hopes through all this to become a full priest of Khaine. While anxious to do the Lord of Murder's will, he is also cautious and only takes one victim per month - generally from among sailors or the nearby foreign ghettos.[1b]

Bonifatius Groenewoud is well connected, being on friendly terms with the local Watch and the wives and servants of many of the leading families of Marienburg - it is becoming a symbol of status to have one's meat supplied by Groenewoud's. He does business with Venk Kataswaran of Suiddock, the drug dealer occasionally supplying him with sacrifices from among his clientele. The Lascar knows they are used for sacrifice, but knows nothing of the growing ghouls' nest. Groenewoud knows that Dr Vesalion deals with grave-robbers and hopes to use this information for blackmail - per-haps even to make a convert of someone highly placed with the cult of Shallya.[1b]


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