Greenskins borgut facebeater by jbcasacop-d5wya4j

Borgut Facebeater

The name of Borgut Facebeater started to come up, when the greenskins of Karak Ungor fought with the Skaven Clan Moulder in the lower parts of Red Eye Mountain. He greatly enjoyed the battle as he hacked apart Skaven and bashed his head against Rat Ogres.

Grimgor Ironhide was impressed and though normally he would kill anyone and anything that could be a danger to his position, Borgut was an exception of the rule. Grimgor sees Borgut as a kindred spirit, though he wants to always know where Facebeater is. And so, every time when the horde goes to war, Grimgor takes Facebeater with him.

Borgut is a simple creature, brutally direct, utterly uncompromising and subject to wild intoxication in the heat of battle. He has grown in the horde of Grimgor and to him the slaughterer was the living manifestion of Gork, the epitome of all he could hope to be. His loyalty is absolute, to be the right hand of Grimgor is to be right hand of Gork.

Sources Edit

  • Storm of Chaos (Campaign).

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