Braugh Slavelord is an infamous Ogre slaver with necromantic powers.[1a]


Known to the Chaos Dwarfs as Ghrask Dragh, literally 'corpse-slaver', Braugh Slavelord is a legend even amongst his own merciless peers. Ogre slavers are a common enough sight in the far corners of the world, but only one amongst them can claim to enslave his prey in death as well as life.[1a]

Back when he was a Maneater travelling the forests of the Old World, Braugh was imprisoned by a powerful Necromancer. But Braugh was strong even for an Ogre, and eventually broke free of the Necromancer's dungeons. He found his captor asleep in a coffin, and beat him to death with a chair, skinning the remains as a trophy. Braugh then ate half of the Necromancer's prisoners and dragged the rest away as slaves, tying them to his gut-plate with the enchanted chains he had ripped from the dungeon wall.[1a]

Were it not for the trophy Braugh took, his legend would end there. But the Necromancer's magic was strong - even when one of Braugh's slaves died of exhaustion, it remained bound to his servitude. So it is that Braugh Slavelord deals not only in flesh but in spirits, trading the services of the quick and the dead to whoever pays the right price, an army of unquiet ghosts and walking corpses shambling meekly in his wake.[1a]


  • Conversion by Mark Bedford for the UK National Managers' contest (October 2004).


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