Bretonnian Corsair

Bretonnian Corsair

Corsairs are the greatest Bretonnian ship of the line. They are swift heavily-armed craft ideal for long sea voyages and deadly combat. In battle their thunderous broadsides strike terror into the hearts of Bretonnia's enemies.[1a]

Each ship's crew is taught to respect their captain and believe their ship is the finest craft that has ever sailed. This means there is tremendous rivalry among the crews to prove their valour and skill, and each ship in a squadron will vie to sink the most enemy ships. Almost in contradiction to this rivalry is each squadron's fond belief that it is the finest unit of the Bretonnian Navy and, in spite of any rivalry between crews, they will always aid their fellows in combat.[1a]

In battle Corsairs sail in long lines astern, hoping to find a gap in the enemy line and sail into it, firing broadsides on both sides simultaneously.[1a]


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