Bretonnian Galleon

Bretonnian Galleon

The Bretonnian fleets are led by proud Galleons, huge Men O' War rivalling Imperial Greatships in size.[1a]

Galleons are built in the King's shipyard from carefully selected oak timbers. The laying of each keel is a notable occasion marked by a great religious service as the keel is blessed. When the ships are launched there is much feasting and a holiday is declared. The Bretonnians love their Galleons and are intensely proud of them.[1a]

Despite their size Galleons are swift, the skill of their crew enabling them to manoeuvre as well as many smaller vessels.[1a]

By tradition each Bretonnian Galleon is crewed by volunteers, carefully selected from the ranks of the Bretonnian Navy; they are an elite crew, proud of their ship and their skill in handling her. Their captains are dashing, flamboyant individuals much given to attempting showy manoeuvres to prove their skill and courage.[1a]

Given the enormous firepower of these vessels and their tremendous resilience they can often survive seemingly suicidal tactics such as sailing into the middle of an opposing fleet.[1a]


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