Warhammer Bubebolos

Bubebolos, the greatest Toad Dragon to ever live

Bubebolos is the great Dragon mount of the legendary TamurkhanToad Dragons are huge, reeking, primeval horrors. They are, for the fate of the world, blessedly few in number, and confined largely to the trackless, otherworldly fens of the Cold Mires under the coruscating skies of the uttermost north. It is here it is said that Tamurkhan, chosen son of Nurgle tracked, and using unspeakably foul rites bound to his will Bubebolos, greatest of all Toad Dragons and carrion-thing of Nurgle to be his mount and carry him southward.[1a]

Bubebolos is an impossibly huge creature - a lumbering horror from a forgotten age whole flesh festers with unwholesome rot, and whose black blood is clotted with maggots and carrion worms. The strength of this colossal beast is prodigious, as is its appetite, while its tainted breath is so corrosive it can liquify flesh and whither steel in moments. Those it does not devour or smash flash it can smother beneath its feculent bulk as it crawls across the earth - its questing tongue darting out with terrifying speed to snatch up more victims to disappear down its yawning maw.[1a]

Source Edit

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