Caladris is relatively young by the standards of High Elf Mages, being a mere 150 years old. Like many of his race, however, Caladris has a natural affinity for the art of sorcery and an ability to manipulate the Winds of Magic that far surpasses the wizards of younger races. This, combined with decades of tutelage under the Archmages of the fabled White Tower, have made Caladris a powerful Mage.[1a]

Caladris and Althran's paths first crossed during the Battle for Storekeep. The mage saved the prince from being torn apart by a pack of Trolls, engulfing the beasts with fiery blasts of magic. Since that time the two have forged a bond of friendship. Althran has come to value Caladris' expert advice a much as his magical abilities - especially on matters that pertain to the mystical and the arcane.[1a]

Before a battle, Caladris will spend many long hours studying ancient texts, preparing for the ordeal ahead. Aided by his Channeling Staff, Caladris is fully capable of deflecting an enemy's magical abilities, or immolating entire regiments of warriors with but a glance. His presence is a reassuring one for the rest of the army, for as long as he is alive, they know victory will surely be theirs.[1a]


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