Heraldry of Parravon.

Cassyon of Parravon is the youngest of the Dukes of Bretonnia, still in his early twenties. Nevertheless, he is a Grail Knight and rides a Royal Pegasus. His father died whilst Cassyon was questing for the Grail, and the young Duke knew nothing of his status until he returned to Castle Parravon.[1a]

The Duke’s counsellors find him very frustrating. He is an open and enthusiastic young man, bearing no malice towards anyone, which makes it almost impossible to dislike him. On the other hand, he believes he can fulfil his ducal duties simply by riding across the skies of the dukedom and striking down monsters. There is no doubt that he is good at that, but there are matters of taxation, justice, and administration that should also be seen to.[1a]

Duke Cassyon’s prowess has not escaped the notice of the Parravonese, and the story that he is Duke Agilgar reborn has recently started to spread.[1a]

Source Edit

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