Bordeleux map

a map of Bordeleaux

Castle Bordeleaux is a Fortress-City and the ducal capital of Bordeleaux. The fortress-city of Bordeleaux is an ancient foundation and a bustling port. Castle Bordeleaux, seat of the Duke, looks out over the whole city from a cliff rising over the harbour, and the siege engines on the wall can reach any point in the bay or the city itself. It is said the engineers are good enough to sink a moored rowboat without affecting the boats to either side. The First Chapel, housed within Castle Bordeleaux, is the most sacred Grail Chapel in Bretonnia.[1a]

The Dukes willingly pay a large share of its upkeep, because it brings them a lot of status, and most of the Dukes of Bordeleaux have been Grail Knights. However, the most important temple is that of Manann, which is not exactly in the city. Rather, it is housed in an enormous ship, permanently moored near the entrance to the harbour. It is exposed to storms, but the priests say that Manann protects it, and it has survived for many years. Worshippers travel out by boat, and if possible they are supposed to help row or sail across. Grail Knights, Damsels and Prophetesses of the Lady are forbidden to set foot on board. Duke Alberic is the first Duke of Bordeleaux in generations to visit the temple.[1a]


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