Brionne map

a map of Brionne

Castle Brionne, often called the Jewel of Bretonnia (by the people of Brionne), is a Fortress-City and the ducal capital of Brionne. It genuinely is a remarkably beautiful city, set on a peninsula linked to the mainland by a narrow neck. The peninsula forms a hill, and the city winds up the side, built with the local white stone or, for peasant buildings, white plaster. The sand of the bay is extremely good for making glass, so virtually every window in the city is glazed, and they sparkle in the sunlight. Castle Brionne is at the centre of the city and the peak of the island. It is what other Brionnian castles want to be: the perfect merging of fanciful form and flawless functionality.[1a]

The many small turrets might appear to be haphazard, but they provide excellent fields of fire. Similarly, the tall, slender towers hold watchposts that can be defended by one man against an army and command much of the area around. The many courtyard gardens can be sealed and turned into killing rooms to dispose of invaders. The Hall of Minstrels in Brionne is the most important centre for those entertainers in the world. It stands on a small prominence in the southern quarter of the city, and is surrounded by a garden. The building itself is circular, built of white stone, and home to an auditorium with flawless acoustics. Minstrels can be found performing there at any time of the day or night.[1a]


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