Map of couronne

a map of Couronne

Castle Couronne is a Fortress-City and the ducal capital of Couronne and the whole of Bretonnia. Next to the Smooth Field is the Lion Ring, the largest and finest horseracing stadium in the Old World. It is a large oval built entirely in stone with ranked tiers of seating. There has been a stadium here since before the unification of Bretonnia, and some say the foundations are Elven. Until very recently it was clearly a more spectacular structure than Castle Couronne, and recent building work has only managed to make it debatable.[1a]

The other main feature of Couronne is the Temple of Shallya. This is the premier temple of Shallya in the Old World, seat of the matriarch and goal of pilgrimages from every nation. However, it has very little influence on local politics, as the Lady of the Lake is far more important to the nobility of Bretonnia. The supreme leaders of most religions would find this irksome, but it seems to suit the matriarch of Shallya perfectly.[1a]

Source Edit

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