Guardsman of Cathay Baltimore 2008 Golden Demon Honorable Mention Bennett Blalock-Doane Miniature

Guardsman of Cathay (Games Day Baltimore '08, Honourable Mention, by Bennett Blalock-Doane).

The mainstay of the Grand Imperial Army of Cathay are the Bannermen, oath-sworn and stalwart warriors that wear emerald green back banners and are famous for standing their ground however badly outnumbered.[1a]

They are known to wield long blades of thousand-folded iron, wickedly curved polearms and crossbows that shoot barbed bolts.[1a] They also carry lacquered "tiger-shields", probably named after a tiger stripes pattern painted on their surface, and (at least in elite formations, such as the Palace Guard of the Dragon Emperor) wear lacquered scale armour.[2a]


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