"A Cauldron of Blood is an ancient artefact of the long-gone days when the gods walked the earth. It is a gift from Khaine, the Lord of Murder, and within it lies the secret of eternal youth and beauty. A bride of Khaine may bathe in the blood-filled Cauldron, and it renews her vitality and youth. The few Cauldrons that have survived the millennia are kept at the great temple of Ghrond, guarded by the High Priestesses of the Cult. One may be brought out to battle, but only in times of great bloodshed when the Witch Elf sect fights in strength."
—Furion of Clar Karond[2a]
Cauldron of blood

The Shrine of Khaine

The Cauldrons of Blood are rumored to be gifts from Khaine, who bestowed them upon the Witch Elves as rewards for their single-minded dedication to his cause -- at least that was Morathi's claim when she gave the first of these brass cauldrons to the Cult of Khaine. Each is kept filled with the blood of countless sacrificial victims, though curiously, it never overflows. The cauldron always maintains the same level, no matter how many gallons of lifeblood are poured into it, as though the very metal of the cauldron thirsts.[1a]

Each Cauldron of Blood lies heavy with dark enchantments and, with the proper knowledge, a Death Hag can access these to unleash the many blessings of Khaine. Chief of these is the cauldron's ability to restore youth and vitality to those who bathe within it. As Morathi kept the innermost secrets of the cauldron to herself, all others who utilize this blessing must frequently repeat the bathing process or soon find themselves in their old and withered states once more. In this way, the Hag Sorceress ensures the Witch Elves' loyalty -- with the irresistible lure of eternal beauty.[1a]

The Cauldrons of Blood are ordinarily kept safely secured within the great temples of Khaine, but one is occasionally brought forth when a great host of Witch Elves marches to battle. Drawn to the cauldron by the prospect of slaughter, the Lord of Murder's baleful spirit goads nearby Dark Elves to a feverish war-lust that will be spent only when there is no longer any blood to spill.[1a]



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