Heraldry of Cavaroc

, the Skymark Reaches, is a High Realm of Athel Loren, ruled by Lord Edrael of Equos. It is the land of the meadow glades, the sparsely-wooded grassland plains that lie on Athel Loren’s south border. The Elves of Cavaroc are horsemasters as fine as any in the world, and the first to march when the war-horns are sounded. They are swift to act, and swift to anger as well — if ever the Elves of Athel Loren overreach themselves in some matter of war, it is all but a certainty that the Glade Riders of the Skymark Reaches will be found at the head of that mad charge.[1a]

It is little wonder that the Elves of Cavaroc are more brash than others in Athel Loren, for their plains are always the first lands assailed if a greedy Bretonnian duke seeks to expand his territory. In the past, they have countered this threat by terrifying the humans into submission, but have since turned to the subtler means of substituting many of the Damsels of Quenelles with shapeshifting forest spirits who then sabotage the Duke's plans from within...[1a]

Source Edit

  • 1: Warhammer Armies: Wood Elves (8th Edition)
    • 1a: pg. 11

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