"Each Orb is infused with the essence of one of the eight magical winds and it is even whispered that a portion of Lord Teclis's own power is bound within every one of them...The Orb of Azyr are as dark as deep space, lit only by the swirling mass of constellation moving within it."
—The Orbs of Sorcery, magical artefacts of Lord Teclis[1a]

The Magical Celestial Hurricanum Arcane Battle Altar

The Celestial Hurricanum is a large and complex arcane Battle Altar created by the Wizards of the Celestial College to be used as a potent magical Warmachine. This machine is bolted within a massive wheeled chariot, pulled by two powerful Imperial warhorse, and watched over by the Acolytes of the Celestial Patriarch. The Orb that is embedded within the center of the machine acts as the catalyst, drawing upon the magical energies of Azyr to summon a magical storm known simply as the Storm of Shemtek. As the Orb begins its manifestation, a very weak and chilling wind quietly swirls around the machine, growing in size and tempo until it eventually grows into a thunderous hurricane.[1b]

As the Acolytes oversee the device, the head Wizard would enchant the spells needed to direct the magical energies towards the enemy. The magical properties of the Storm of Shemtek is one of unique nature, for the orb has the mystical ability to alter weather patterns in the sky and shower the enemy with a barrage of lightning bolts or a thunderous hail of massive icycle-shards that can shear the flesh from the bone.[1b]

On rare occasions, if the Acolytes perform the spell correctly and achieve a perfect alignment, the machine has the power to unleash a fiery comet streaking through the sky and make it slam directly within the very heart of the enemy horde. As the device continues its murderous barrage of carnage, some magical energies would leak out of the machine, often afflicting Imperial Troops with unnatural visions of the imminent future. These small magical gift have given some Imperial soldiers with precise predictions of enemy movement, allowing them to easily dodge blows that would cleave a man in two.[1b]

When not used for battle upon an Arcane Altar, these Orbs are used by the Wizards as a means to calculate and observe natural phenomenon within the universe. The Orb allows the Wizards to see the constellations much more clearly, giving the Wizards the ability to correctly interpret the many futures the Empire has within its long hard destiny. Such predictions have many times before saved the Empire, and in fact, the entire Old World from imminent doom, and it is thanks to the tireless work of these Wizards that these catastrophes have been averted.[1b]

  • Celestial Hurricanum Model

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