Chalice of Chaos

Chalice of Chaos

On the eve before the Fall of Praag, Asavar Kul gathered his champions to drink from the Chalice of Chaos, a vessel that contained the boiling blood of a Daemon. As Kul's minions swallowed, their bodies were wrought with changes, and those that survived were infused with power. Once the last drop of ichor was drained, the chalice shattered and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. The vessel was thought lost until the Sorcerer Kharon Baal rediscovered it decades later — mysteriously repaired and filled with fresh blood — at the base of the monolith raised to honour Kul's fell deeds. Several times since has this cup been drunk from, shattering into fragments every time only to reappear years later. Countless mortals have sought out this fabled chalice, only too eager to risk eternal damnation for a fleeting chance at ultimate glory.[1a]


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