Chaos Chariots

The balefire charge of a Chaos Chariot

Chaos Chariots are more than just machines of war; they are symbols of status and power. Often, a Champion of Chaos will ride to battle upon a chariot festooned with icons and pennants fashioned from the remains of those they have ground beneath their wheels, grisly trophies proclaiming his many victories and allegiance to the Dark Gods. Unlike the comparatively flimsy wooden chariots used by Elves and the Undead legions of distant Nehekhara, the carriages of Chaos war machines are wrought of iron and drenched in blood.[1a]

Chaos Chariots weigh so much that, when they have gathered pace, nothing short of a castle wall can halt their charge. Worse still, their stout wheels sport great spinning scythes that scream and shriek as they slice into the foe. Chaos Chariots are drawn by a pair of huge destriers swollen to unnatural size by the corrupting energies of Chaos. Each of these beasts is clad in tempered steel plates in the manner of their unholy masters. As these deadly creatures gain momentum, balefire flickers from their eyes and nostrils, giving the impression that the chariot has galloped straight from the realm of nightmares into reality.[1a]

When a Chaos Chariot slams into the enemy lines, the bone-splintering impact is only the start of the carnage it can wreak. As the enemy is hurled in all directions by the sheer force of the chariot’s charge, the hellish steeds plough through the enemy ranks, iron-shod hooves trampling bodies, and fanged maws snapping at exposed flesh. Spinning scythes slice apart the legs of those who attempt to flank the chariot, and the barbs and spikes that cover its chassis rip and tear at any foolhardy enough to stand their ground. But the chariot’s cargo is just as deadly: the charioteers stab and slash from their fighting platform, maiming and decapitating those nearby with their cruel blades and spiked whips.[1a]



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