Warhammer Chaqua Map
Map of Chaqua
Vital statistics
Inhabitants Skink, Chameleon Skinks
Type Temple-City
Location Central Lustria
Population Unknown
Allegiance Lizardmen Empire
Industry None

Chaqua, the City of Gold, is a Temple-City of the Lizardmen located in the center of Lustria, northwards from Itza.[1a]


Chaqua is rightly called the City of Gold, for the flanks of its pyramids and temples, even the flagstones of its wide avenues, are lined with gold. Sadly, the precious metal is coated in the patina of millennia and the city is overgrown, for Chaqua fell to the plagues of the vile Clan Pestilens during the long war against the Skaven. To date, the Lizardmen have had scant success reclaiming the city, for the presence of the ratmen lingers there still.[3a]

The Lizardmen do not value gold for its beauty, but for its longevity, utilising it in the knowledge that it will remain uncorroded by the march of aeons. The Mage-Priests are well aware, however, of the love the warmblooded races harbour for the substance. Many prophecies speak of the coming of Man to Chaqua and of the insatiable greed in his heart, yet the Slann have yet to connect this with the material from which the city is constructed. Because of the many warnings and portents, the ruined temple-city is guarded by hundreds of Skink sentinels. The jungles all around are haunted by Chameleon Skinks able to spend days on end motionless in the undergrowth, watching the jungle paths for any sign of intrusion.[3a]


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