Clan Grutnik

Banner of Clan Grutnik

Clan Grutnik's vast power is derived from rich deposits of warpstone beneath their mountain lair. Clan Moulder and Clan Skryre are eager to secure as much of this substance as they can and the cunning leaders of Clan Grutnik have pledged exclusive supply-rights to both, acquiring many weapons and warbeasts in the process. Clan Grutnik trades many of these acquisitions with surrounding Warlord Clans (making further profit in the process), for many slaves are required to mine the warpstone, and mutations and fatal accidents are commonplace. There is so much warpstone at Clan Grutnik's disposal that it is often forged into their warriors' weapons and lacquered armour. Some further sport their wealth by wearing raw chunks of the stuff as trinkets, talismans, and even as replacement eyeballs or teeth. Clan Grutnik's banners typically display warpstone shards and many symbols daubed in bright green.[1a]

Many of the Skaven of Clan Grutnik are branded with a searing shard of warpstone, a wound that tends to pulse with an ominous green glow forever after.[1a]


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