Clan Krizzor

Banner of Clan Krizzor

Clan Krizzor is a Thrall Clan which was once an unremarkable clan that dwelt deep within the monster-infested region known as the Dark Lands. Clan Krizzor's fortunes changed with the discovery that Skavenslaves dipped in pig's blood make irresistible bait for traps. Soon they were caging enough creatures to secure an alliance with Clan Moulder, counting on the Master Moulders' greed to get their claws on new specimens. Clan Krizzor are one of the few clans that have an affinity for developing their own Packmasters, meaning that the clan is instead able to spend their spare warptokens on the Master Moulders' latest 'experiments'. Clan Krizzor's menagerie of war-beasts is now the most impressive outside of Hell Pit itself. Clan Krizzor have a particular loathing for Clan Rictus whose extortionate taxes to cross the Dark Lands' border cost them dearly. Little do Krizzor realize that their allies in Clan Moulder are plotting with Rictus to triple such tolls – after all, it wouldn't do to let a potential rival get too powerful.[1a]

The clothing and banners of Clan Krizzor are stitched together from the skinned pelts of many creatures, including tanned Razorgor fur and cured Troll-hide.[1b]


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