Clan Morbidus

Banner of Clan Morbidus

Clan Morbidus is a Thrall Clan and one of the growing number of the Pestilent Brotherhood. They have unleashed several foul plagues throughout the Old World, including the lethal outbreak of Foaming Lungrot that ravaged Wissenland and the Blackbelly Fever that decimated the Dwarf stronghold of Grim-Duraz. Clan Morbidus is rather more mercenary than their Clan Pestilens masters and they willingly offer their services to the highest bidder: after all, the only thing better than spreading contagions is getting paid to do so.[1a]

Much of the clan's warptokens are spent in the Clan Moulder breeding pits, exchanging for plague-ridden Rat Swarms, Great Pox Rats and Rat Ogres dripping with disease. These are seen by Clan Morbidus' chieftains as necessary investments that will aid them in their cause to spread more pestilence and, of course, amass greater power. Such avarice has not gone unnoticed by the Plague Lords of Clan Pestilens. Clan Morbidus' banners are soaked in cauldrons overflowing with virulent poxes and many tend to show images of disease-filled boils.[1a]


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