The vessels of Clan Pestilens are designed solely to carry their poisonous vapours to the enemy fleet. In the main part they rely on fairly crude raft-like vessels, powered by slave-driven paddle wheels.[1a]

The Clan Pestilens Deathburner is one such ship, and mounts a huge incense ball on its prow. As this ungainly vessel lurches across the waves, it wafts vapours of death over the seascape. The evil clouds sear their victims' lungs, causing them to fall the ground with bubbling green liquids issuing from their mouths and blistering their skin.[1a]


The Clan Pestilens Deathburner is armed with a huge Incense Burner, sometimes called a Plagueburner because of the noxious fumes it gives off. It can also be used as a mace, smashing into enemy vessels that are in range.[1b]


  • Clan Pestilens Deathburner


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